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Frequently Asked Questions

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If a buyer places an order and refuses the package without obtaining our authorization, we will still Bill shipping fees to the buyer. If the buyer refuses to pay, we will try to resolve the matter by notifying the buyer of the responsibility to pay shipping charges. By not resolving such issues, the buyer may receive negative ratings which are viewed by others.
If you need to modify, cancel or return orders, you should refer to our policy on refunds and exchanges. If you still need a refund, you must contact us for authorization and approval. Please note that exchanges, returns and refunds are NOT ALLOWED in the following cases: • Loss or damage of merchandise while in buyer's possession. •Deterioration of merchandise due to visible use or wear •Time since purchased is beyond our allowed period. •Breaking or otherwise tampering with the original seals and packaging.
After review of your order and confirming product availability, we will send you an email confirming your order, including shipping cost. After processing your credit card information at this time, we will then ship your order.
Shipping amount may differ depending on location or shipping method, and all orders are added to your order amount after check out. For detailed shipping information, refer to our shipping site for more details.
1. After confirming the products, quantity and colours, click [ADD to Shopping Cart] * Please note that we may prepack and or minimum quantity purchase requirement. 2. When you have finished shopping, click [. PROCEED TO CHECK OUT]. 3. Confirm or change shipping and billing address, shipment method, and payment method options 4. For mobile money transfer visit on contact details provided 5. For credit card purchases, enter your credit card information and send by mail. *We will email immediately our payment details to you for your payment to be done.
Use the keywords search bar at the top to find specific products. Trying in the search word description and choose from the listed drop-down list to narrow your results. You can also search for specific item by typing in the "Style number" of the item.
At sariams boutique, we value your privacy and security of your personal information. We will never share your information with others. Our servers and network are protected by powerful security systems put in place to safeguard your personal and confidential information.